I was interested in a story posted through Legal Futures this week by one of our associates, legal expenses insurer ARAG, that it is introducing a prosecution defence policy (see more by clicking below).

A quick bit of internet searching indicates that there are few such offerings in the market. It is an add-on - I don't suppose ARAG really want to career criminals knocking on its door for standalone cover - but goes a small way to helping some people who find themselves facing criminal prosecution.

Legal expenses insurance is slowly moving beyond its core products - another top insurer, DAS, has its Everyday Legal product, which is as close as we have come to date to US-style pre-paid legal services by covering non-contentious work such as conveyancing as well as the more typical contentious areas of work.

I can't imagine the take-up of any standalone legal protection insurance (as opposed to an add-on to motor, home or commercial policies) has been amazing - it is still a big leap for most consumers to consider insuring against the need for legal assistance. But it is worth keeping an eye on how far insurance-backed models can go.