Few listed companies, I'd wager, issue as many stock exchange announcements entitled 'Press speculation' as Quindell. But then few companies, certainly of its relative size and significance in the business world, have generated as much press speculation to which they feel obliged to respond.

The nature of today's announcement - confirming that a deal for Slater & Gordon to buy its legal arm for £640m plus a cut on income from noise-induced hearing loss cases has been discussed - indicates that an agreement is likely to be reached.

If so, it will be the end of three remarkable years charting the course of a company that, when it first came to our attention in January 2012, was a mysterious-sounding 'brand extension' business called Quindell Portfolio.

The ups and downs since then have been charted extensively on Legal Futures, but the critical moment was the report by Gotham City Research last April that threw a whole load of allegations at the company and wiped out half of its share value in a day.

What I continue to find strange about this episode is that Quindell could be hit so badly by a report from a virtually unknown American 'analyst' that openly holds positions in the companies it comments on. Fairly or not, the mud stuck and I think that in itself said a lot about the underlying nervousness a lot of people had about the Quindell model and approach, which has been reflected in the huge (mainly downward) share price volatility since.

For Slater & Gordon, the size of Quindell's legal arm means that this would be an acquisition far greater than anything it has done to date and will be a major challenge on every level - S&G's most recent results put turnover for the six months to 31 December 2014 at £126m.

It will also be putting pretty much of all the firm's eggs in the personal injury basket, despite the ambition to become the UK's leading consumer law firm - as it is, PI already accounts for 80% of S&G's income in the UK.

Quindell has been a non-stop source of stories for the last three years. And whatever happens, I'm sure we'll be writing about either the company or its legacy for some time to come.