I don't look back at my time at the College (now University) of Law with any fondness - in the days of the old Law Society Finals, it was like going back to school, with rote learning and sitting in the same seat for the entire year.

Even after spitting me out of the machine, ULaw, as we appear to have to call it now, continues to play a very significant role in the legal world. In these days of private equity investment into law, the story below from Times Higher Education highlights the ambiguous benefits such money can have.

Greater investment v eye-watering debt - if it's good enough for Manchester United, then perhaps it's good enough for ULaw, but this acquisition model understandably makes plenty of people uneasy.

And then there is the risk that you just become a corporate plaything, passed around at will. According to Legal Cheek today, ULaw has been sold on to the unappealingly named Global University Systems.

It is also worth pointing out, however, that the whole profession has benefited from the original sale of the then College of Law, as the proceeds endowed what is now the Legal Education Foundation. The foundation, after a cautious beginning, now seems to be finding its feet in funding (to date) 65 different projects advancing the law in a variety of ways.